Knitted River
Knitted river stretches all the way to Downing street. An independent Upstream group were proud to part of this "knitition" The knitted river (100,000 squares) stretched 250m and curved accross the Thames to Downing Street. The aim before the G8 summit was to publicise the water shortage in Africa


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To help older adults in Devon achieve a more independent, enjoyable and longer life within their communities. To do so by rekindling and bolstering people’s passion for living through imaginative, creative and social activities – thereby promoting their health and wellbeing, reducing isolation, loneliness and reliance on health and social services. To promote these benefits more widely.


The core values of Upstream are CREATIVITY in promoting health and wellbeing – equal RESPECT for all people, whatever their age and circumstance – lifelong INDEPENDENCE of mind, body and opportunity – the impact of SOCIAL INTERDEPENDENCE on quality of life – and the need for long-lasting PARTNERSHIPS between communities, their members, and supporting bodies.

Creativity: Activities that are stimulating, creative, enjoyable and social are fundamental to wellbeing. Such activities help to maintain physical and mental dexterity, enhance learning and the sharing of skills, enable people to extend their experience safely, encourage fresh attitudes to entrenched situations, increase communication, and provoke the exchange of new ideas.

Respect: People of all ages are to be respected equally. Older people and younger people have equally as much to offer society and each other.

Independence: Individuals and communities achieve more successful change when they are supported in deciding, designing and effecting change for themselves, and where that change is sustainable independently by the people themselves.

Social Interdependence: The health of a community is built on the health of all its members, and the health of each of its members depends on the health of the whole community. Interaction between generations of all ages stimulates interdependence, mutual respect and enjoyment, reduces fear and suspicion, builds confidence, creates a sense of belonging and responsibility, and strengthens communities. Many skills are transferable between generations. 

Partnerships: Working with other partners – public, private or voluntary – provides more opportunities for delivering Upstream’s Mission, broadens Upstream’s experience, and creates more successful solutions.


© 2018 Upstream. Upstream HLC is a registered charity no. 1087185 Company limited by guarantee no. 4114401
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